Deutsche Schönheit

It’s time for another topic: Beauty in Vogu….. I mean, in Germany.

Frankly, I had a hard time trying to distinguish a difference in perception of beauty between Germany and North America.  I would look into magazines, newspaper, and occasionally TV and billboard ads, and people’s attire and grooming, but I honestly could not perceive the perception of beauty in Germany.

Thus I asked my colleagues!  I have divided into male and female beauty in Germany


My colleague Karen and supervisor Michaela just wanted to give me quick answer for the ideal German beauty: HEIDI KLUM.

Blond, tall, slim, fair and naturally tanned skin.

They said pretty much it’s almost the same with North American perception of beauty.

I asked my rez friend Tim from Ukraine, and he mentioned that from what he has seen and heard, German women are notorious for not looking or dressing femininely attractive.

And my supervisor Michaela sadly agrees, for Germans tend to go for practical attire and comfort, rather than aesthetics.  Karen mentioned that when she lived in the US for a while, she felt American women would put more effort into their appearance compared to German women.

And I kind of agree.  Having lived in Spain for a year, I saw Spanish women of all ages would dress themselves nicely for public appearance.  But not in Germany.

Meanwhile, I needed another male perspective, and my colleague Alex added his opinions on desired qualities in German women: independence and strong-willed.

Interestingly, Alex grew up in Saxony in East Germany prior to the reunification, and he mentioned that growing up he heard that West Germany idealized East German women from Saxony as the most beautiful women in German.  Probably some imagination due to limited information of the area back then.


It’s pretty much the same with North America, as the ladies in my office would say:  Blond, blue eyes, tall, athletic, and fair skin.

As for personal traits, they all mentioned reliability.

However, Alex did mention that in Europe, just like German women, German men have a bad reputation for not appearing or behaving attractive for the opposite sex; they would drink and hang out a lot in groups, not focusing on their significant half.

Interestingly, last time we had a discussion about World Cup Soccer, and all my female colleagues were discussing the best looking soccer athlete.  No one mentioned anyone from the German national team.



About Oliver

This is for my summer in Germany while working with Deutscher Akademischer Austauch Dienst (DAAD), or German Academic Exchange Service!
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