Money, Money, Money

ABBA can sing the rest, but this entry is not something I learn, but rather I reaffirm: Money gets on the ugly side of people.

Our scholarship program awards up to 2,000 Euros to students. Students would need to provide our office their banking details so that our finance department could transfer the funds.  However, sometimes the department can make mistake with thousands and thousands of money for hundreds and hundreds of program in the organization.  Students who would be hit would be very indignant, so indignant that they would be really rude to us, like accusing us as liars or even worse.

“Their situation is understandable, but it does not justify the angry tone at all!  It won’t speed up the process!” says my colleague Corina, who has had similar incidents as I have. “But after they have the money, they would be nice and friendly.”

Yup, money turns on the ugly side.

“So many students are taking this scholarship for granted!  They don’t understand they are privileged to be selected in this program; they just think money just fall off from trees like leaves!” said Daniela, my other colleague.

Some students, after arriving for about 2 weeks, (or some, just one week!), would complain that they have no more money in their account, and thus they need it immediately (and kind of blaming us for their crisis)!  Honestly, WHY WOULD YOU PUT YOURSELF IN SUCH AN ECONOMIC SITUATION?

“Wow, just 2,000 Euros, and they’re complaining so much?” said Tom, another York student in Bonn, who had worked for about 3 years in a huge business corporation on Bay Street.  “Some of our business partners would get very ugly about thousands or millions of dollars in transaction that they would send vicious e-mails and calls to our company.  What these students are encountering is nothing!”

I’ve always known that I would not be able to study or work in business firms; I’m not very whiny about money, but I can’t deal people who are and make a huge fuss about every cent.  Even if you are a patient or good-hearted person, remember, you’re living in an aggressive and pressuring working environment that it’s a bit doubtful if you can keep your sanity.

“People in my company or employees of companies in the building just don’t smile or talk to each other.  They’re cold and grumpy; it’s simply due to the work environment,” said Tom.

Money gets on the ugly side, boys and girls!


About Oliver

This is for my summer in Germany while working with Deutscher Akademischer Austauch Dienst (DAAD), or German Academic Exchange Service!
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