Appreciating the Forms of Communication

With the big meeting in Heidelberg approaching, I’ve been receiving many inquiries from students.

And frankly, many times, it’s in very bad e-mail format.

So bad that I wish I had claws like Wolverine and SLASH the monitor.

Some students don’t address to anyone. Some don’t end with salutations and/or their name (whose e-mail am I reading anyway?). Some have bad word choices which make the e-mail sound really rude. Some don’t proof read, like it’s online chat. And there are other horrid examples that I won’t go into details.

Sigh, don’t students understand they are being disrespectful to the money giver? I would be very consistent with my e-mail format when replying to hint to the sender that, tsk tsk, maybe you should correct your e-mail writing format and style?

To be selected in the scholarship program in DAAD is very outstanding. Some students have very impressive grades and are from prestigious schools as well, but their e-mails and style of communication… sadly just does not match up. Thus many students have given me a very bad impression already.

I really think university should have a course on writing e-mails or letters and etiquette. Frankly, even some professors at York don’t even know how to write a proper letter or e-mail!

I think this is also important for interns in YIIP to know as well. Yes, we may be fortunate to have the experience, but that doesn’t mean we can go off and write a messy e-mail when communicating with other people, such as future job employers. It does not compensate at all; it only gives us a bad image.

Remember in our YIIP Handbook there were instructions on how to write a proper first e-mail to our host organization? Tsk, tsk. I think Natasha and Larissa wanted to remind us that we kind of made some communicative faux-pas with them throughout the application, selection, and now.


About Oliver

This is for my summer in Germany while working with Deutscher Akademischer Austauch Dienst (DAAD), or German Academic Exchange Service!
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