Missed Will and Kate? Don’t Worry, There’s Still the Grand Duke in Luxembourg. Annually.

I really love public holidays in Germany, especially in June, as there are 3!  Coincidentally they all fall on the end of the working week, so I have taken advantage of the long weekend to go to Luxembourg!

And did I arrive at the right time!

It was the Grand Duke’s Birthday, the national holiday of Luxembourg.  I’d have to say it’s a lot crazier than Will and Kate’s Wedding I saw on the news.  Plus, this birthday celebration is annual!  When I stepped out of the train station at 21:30 and walked up to my hostel, I passed by tons of bars and clubs who had they DJs blasting music on the pedestrian way!  Unreal.

Beer gardens were everywhere!  And, interestingly, I’d say the entire country (500,000) all gathered in the city that night.  Thus, you literally had to PUSH, PUSH, PUSH to make your way through!

I met up with my friend Anne who is from Luxembourg, and she and her friend Cynthia took me to a plaza overlooking the valley (Luxembourg has up and downtown.  One is on top of the hill, and the other at the bottom.  Very literal!).

There we watched a 30 minute firework celebration!  Katy Perry would be proud.

Afterwards we started to walk around the city.  We didn’t need to go to clubs to get music, because frankly, the ENTIRE city was a club!  All the streets were dance floors!  You have house music on one block, and later pop and hip hop, followed by Latin music in the other street.  Anne and Cynthia said this is the only time that the city (or country as well) is that alive.  Good introduction to Luxembourg for me!


About Oliver

This is for my summer in Germany while working with Deutscher Akademischer Austauch Dienst (DAAD), or German Academic Exchange Service!
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