LUX Contiuation: A Very Quick Lesson Learned

Today I made a day trip to Trier, Germany, from Luxembourg.

And just a stop before Trier, German police boarded the train, requesting identification, specifically passport. Well, stupid me left it in the hostel. The only ID I had was my health card, which I wasn’t too hopeful with it as it’s not accepted as proper ID in Ontario either.

I had to tell them my travel situation, and they on the other hand were telling me how serious it was crossing international border without proper identification, regardless the form of transportation.

I pretty much almost got stopped to do police report and could not return to Luxembourg.

I was fortunate that I got a warning.  There were 3 other guys in the same train cabin who were not as fortunate, however…

Moral of the story: Do not travel without you passport even if it’s a very short and small 3-hour cross-border day trip within the visa-free Schengen Area. Police are rather serious about it!


About Oliver

This is for my summer in Germany while working with Deutscher Akademischer Austauch Dienst (DAAD), or German Academic Exchange Service!
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2 Responses to LUX Contiuation: A Very Quick Lesson Learned

  1. YIIP says:

    Comm’on Oliver!

    Didn’t you read the handbook! Always carry your passport with you when crossing boarders!

    Glad your safe and sound though, how was the trip?


    YIIP Student Assistant

  2. Oliver says:

    Oh please, do you not know how SMALL (yes, in big cap letters, irony) Luxembourg is? Good grief, I could barely find its borders on the map!

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