Seeing the Road Ahead

As my internship has crossed the half point, I’m starting to realize many things for my life.

Frankly, taking part of this internship was not planned at all for my summer. It was a spontaneous decision due to bad York administration.

Upon returning from exchange in Spain, and being like any other 4th year student, I just wanted to finish!

Well, the university did not agree. They first miscalculated my credits abroad, which concluded then that I needed 6 credits to graduate. Yea, just one course, from graduation. I was really indignant because I had planned everything for post-undegrad life. I had to change everything, but throughout that process I had no idea where to start. I argued with the Registrar’s Office to reassess, but they decided they would take their time. It was like the road suddenly became foggy.

It was until I talked to my colleague and friend at York International, Amy, who was considering YIIP, that I decided to apply, just 1 week before the deadline.

And now I’m here in Germany. Frankly, I’d have to say I was probably not as greatly enthusiastic as other interns (one thing, Germany was not one of my choices for internship at all), because I just did not know what to expect!  Sure, this internship program is a phenomenal building block for my future career and it’s what I really want, but everything I have done so far up to now was never in my planning book at all!

Yes, indeed, I have to come back to York for a fifth year and I believe I’m the only one from my high school in Taiwan who is not graduating this year. It’s a bit interesting to see everyone from my high school class posting tons of graduation photos, while I’m here in Germany posting my trips during the internship.

Frankly, I really think it’s worth it to do an extra year because of this program. It’s so much better to get the necessary experiences before entering the job market. A lot of my friends I know have graduated, but they’re just starting to build their work experiences. Rather late, I find.

Consider it, how often do you get this opportunity? DAAD is such a big organization, and the scholarship and program opportunities are beyond my expectations, and being an intern here with fabulous colleagues have been really rewarding. I had the chance to know more academic programs in Germany, either full-time degree or language schools, and thus working in Germany definitely will give me a big boost if I decided to study or work in Germany (or internationally, as this organization is surprisingly well known).

I’d have to say the road is a lot clearer now, and I feel more comfortable about the future. I plan on applying to schools in Germany and in Europe for graduate studies. I don’t know exactly where I’ll be next year in life, or after, but at least I know it can’t be anywhere bad. Plus, this experience also reassures me that sometimes, you get so much more if you don’t have any expectations.

Oh, just when I got the offer to go to Germany, the university said I could graduate. Well, it was my turn to say, I don’t agree.  Talk to me after 3 months.


About Oliver

This is for my summer in Germany while working with Deutscher Akademischer Austauch Dienst (DAAD), or German Academic Exchange Service!
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