A Very Symphonic Turning Point

As Bonn is the birthplace of the famous composer Ludwig von Beethoven, well, anything muscial here is named after him!

Tom and I met up to use on our of “new resident coupons” to watch a Beethoven Orchestra performance in the Beethoven Hall (See, I told you).

The orchestra not only plays pieces by Beethoven, but also contemporary music pieces as well.

While I was listening, and watching the dynamics of the group, I felt a great reminisce.

I’ve learned the violin since I was 8, and I haven’t played since I was 16.  I was in my school orchestra from grade 6 until grade 10.  I couldn’t continue in grade 11 and 12 due to academics.

And I would say that is one of my biggest regrets in (high school) life.

Just watching the the violin bows flowing up and down, accompanied by the melody of woodwind instruments, I remembered all the practices and excitement of performing in front of an audience.  I was never considered the best violinist in my orchestra nor in school; frankly I was rather inconsistent with my performance and practice.  Sometimes I can impress the conductor, while other times depress him.

I was rather amazed that I was able to inform Tom about the layout of an orchestra and history of music, composers, and music styles, even though it’s been 6 years since I’ve touched classical music.  I looked back and realized how much I appreciate my music education, because frankly, not as many people are learning musical instruments as before.  It’s rather fascinating that a lot of my friends I’ve met in my travels all stayed in touch because of knowledge of classical music.

Now I am determined to reconnect with violin again.


About Oliver

This is for my summer in Germany while working with Deutscher Akademischer Austauch Dienst (DAAD), or German Academic Exchange Service!
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