Observations: Drinking Sparkling Water While Carrying Roses on Your Bike

There are some things I notice about life habits in Bonn.

Firstly, people drink a LOT of sparkling water (or carbonated water or tonic water), to the point that I’m not really understanding. My colleagues would ask me if I would like some water, and when returned it’s … carbonated water.


I don’t understand. I don’t see sparkling water healthier than regular water just because it has… bubbles. Moreover, tap water is drinkable in Germany… so… why bubbles?

Secondly, there are a lot of nice houses with gardens, and thus I’m noticing a lot of rose gardens! Pink, yellow, red, white, orange. You name the colours. I’ve never seen so many roses just on a street, and thus each time I pass by a rose garden I’d stop to smell and appreciate the flower. Frankly, I also noticed a difference in scent between each colour! Okay, please don’t laugh at me for my lack of knowledge. I don’t study botany afterall.

I really like the smell of yellow roses. It’s really pleasant, and fresh. Like hope. Just as yellow symbolizes hope.

White roses seem to have a very heavy and strong scent, like the scent you smell in rose incense oil.

Pink and red roses are like the smell of classic rose herbal tea.

Thirdly, I really enjoy the planning of this city as it is very bike-friendly. Every street has a space reserved for bikers and pedestrians only, making biking very safe and convenient. Frankly I’ve been biking to work, to downtown, or just anywhere in the city, although public transportation is very efficient for such a small city.


About Oliver

This is for my summer in Germany while working with Deutscher Akademischer Austauch Dienst (DAAD), or German Academic Exchange Service!
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One Response to Observations: Drinking Sparkling Water While Carrying Roses on Your Bike

  1. Alexandra says:

    Yeah I don’t get the European carbonated water thing either! Especially when they bring it on exhausting hikes… most normal people would want to rehydrate by chugging a bunch of water. You can’t chug carbonated water, and who wants to feel all bloated and carbonated afterwards? We need to enquire about this further…

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