Laundry and Life Lessons

Sometimes, you just need to pay a little more to get what you need. What you really need.

Here’s what I recently started to appreciate. Like, today.

I won’t speak much of the demonic bureaucracy I’ve had to deal with, but I’m having laundry crisis because I don’t have a card to use the laundry machines. Plus, their office hours are only Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, 9-12 am.

Yea. And we complain about service in Canada!

Anyway, seeing how this is worsening, my colleague Elisabeth suggested me of a “Waschsalon.”

Huh? Was ist das?

“Yea, it’s literally a laundry café. You put your clothes in the machine and sit by a table or on a couch drinking coffee while you wait.”

As ALL my colleagues know and admire this place, I really had to venture it!

Honestly, this laundry place is the most fascinating place I’ve ever been too! When I first arrived I thought it was a small coffee shop, only to realize after additional steps the line-up of washing machines and dryers!

There are so many paintings, and a little bar counter too! Plus there are many printed art magazines for free too. Oh, did I mention that the utterly friendly owner just played the piano for the customers?

No doubt it’s a lot more expensive than using those in residence. But really, it’s so worth the money! I’m definitely coming here to do my laundry though I’ll probably be spending about 10 euros for each trip.

And this is when I realized that sometimes, it doesn’t hurt to pay a little more for the essential things. Being a student I’m constantly aware of my spending, that I would do my best to find the cheapest way to get my service or items. And really, many times, you get what you pay for, as we would say in Chinese. (I should start knowing some German idioms soon…) I at first was really hesitant upon seeing the price, but seeing how I really needed it, just got to let go. It’s okay, at least I’m positive I’ll earn 10 euros back in the future. LOL!

Frankly, for laundry services, it doesn’t hurt to pay a little extra for a good laundry atmosphere. Think about it, who has ever had fun while waiting for laundry?

And please, do not get this message as a justification for luxury products. No, that’s not what I mean. I don’t what credit card companies chasing or blaming me for other’s debt.  Really, there are times you really should let go of some money. Yes, it’s true in the long run they will be helpful, but sometimes with crisis (yes, laundry crisis) and emergencies, you just got to let go and loose.


About Oliver

This is for my summer in Germany while working with Deutscher Akademischer Austauch Dienst (DAAD), or German Academic Exchange Service!
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One Response to Laundry and Life Lessons

  1. Oh wow, I can’t believe it costs you 10 euro to do laundry in Germany, that is awfully pricey! But the place looks great! Also love your pictures and references to “demonic bureaucracy” . Hope the language adjustment is well under way for you, I find it also difficult to adjust to the English dialect here in India and we’d think it would be easy, uh uh. So hope German becomes more comforting with time. Love your blog! ps. I think you were in the Global Politics Capstone class with Professor Chin…just saying!!! The best of luck!!!

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